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Tick. Tick. Tick. Keep a clock on the table. Sit on a chair beside the table. Try to hear the sound. Can you hear it?Yes! But, how long?
Suddenly you find yourself not hearing the sound, rather you are somewhere else completely unaware of the tick-tick music. You try again, and the same thing happens. Did you try it ever!!!!!

Sound, a vibration hits the eardrum of our ear. The wave goes to the auditory section of our brain through the auditory nerve. And we get a perception of the sound. Our brain analyses it, we recognize the sound.

Our sense of smell, taste, and vision all involve chemical reactions, but our hearing system is based solely on physical movement.

Now, what happened in this case! The clock is there. The tick, tick sound is also present. I am physically good enough to hear the sound. Then why don’t I listen to the sound continuously?

The process goes as follows:

Source of sound => medium => pinna => ear canal => wave of vibrations => eardrum =>cochlea => se…

Someone saw it!

Each and every incident is a product of its precedents. Nothing happens suddenly. Each and every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Similarly, every incident also has its precedent. An accident may occur suddenly, but a chain of events cause the accident. If the chain was broken, the accident might not have happen!

It was just a little incident but left a great influence in my life.Was it mere an event that took place? Does it have that amount of intensity to influence me this much!

Jay, my friend and I were traveling in a forest which is not far from our locality. It was a hot sunny day. We came across a river and Jay urged to take a bath there. We drove into the river and enjoyed the moment nicely. On our returning, I found that I lost my pendant. It was a gift from my mother. I had a lot of my emotions with that pendant. I was sad. Jay realized my emotion. We returned to the river to look for it. BUT IT WAS LOST.

I could not help thinking of the incident for the next two days.…

Success or Happiness

We plan to do something and take action. Accordingly, we get the desired result. 
This is the way we live our daily life. We hope that everything will happen in the way we think as it would be. Sometimes it happens and sometimes not. We smile when we get the desired result or morn.

We never know if we are going to survive to enjoy the very next moment. So, live for the time being. Live to work. Live to love. Live for love. Live and let live. Live to enjoy the life. Live to live life.

Getting everything you want is your success; Wanting everything you get is happiness.