Someone saw it!

Each and every incident is a product of its precedents. Nothing happens suddenly. Each and every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Similarly, every incident also has its precedent. An accident may occur suddenly, but a chain of events cause the accident. If the chain was broken, the accident might not have happen!

Parts of Our Mind

It was just a little incident but left a great influence in my life. Was it mere an event that took place? Does it have that amount of intensity to influence me this much!

Jay, my friend and I were traveling in a forest which is not far from our locality. It was a hot sunny day. We came across a river and Jay urged to take a bath there. We drove into the river and enjoyed the moment nicely. On our returning, I found that I lost my pendant. It was a gift from my mother. I had a lot of my emotions with that pendant. I was sad. Jay realized my emotion. We returned to the river to look for it. BUT IT WAS LOST.

I could not help thinking of the incident for the next two days. I talked to my mind and repeatedly asked to find out the pendant. 

It was about 4 O'clock in the morning while sleeping I dreamt the pendant. I woke up. I was just surprised to see the jewelry where it was lying! Now, I was not in sleep. But I could see the pendant as if it were in front of me! After breakfast, I rushed to the place and got the missing locket back. I always believe in reality and not in miracle. Trust me I am telling you the truth. I GOT THE LOST PENDANT BACK and surprisingly accurately IN THE SAME PLACE WHERE I DREAMT IT.

Was it a dream! We dream every day. It does not come true.

Is it a miracle? I don’t think so.

Our mind has several parts: conscious mind, subconscious mind, and unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind is always active, and it knows everything that has happen around us (viz. seeing, hearing, smelling, etc.). [sub-conscious mind which knows something like peripheral vision]

My perception is that I observed the incident myself. It was my un-conscious mind who saw everything. The pendant was not lost actually. It was thrown away in front of me (my conscious mind was completely unaware of the incident). So, I already knew the place where it was thrown!

We live in a small island of consciousness in a furthermost corner of the vast ocean of unconsciousness. Science is dealing with this conscious(known) world. Some branches of psychology and philosophy are dealing with the subconscious world. But what is about this unconscious world! There are some religious ideas there. We live in a world where we believe in science. But there may be thousands of hidden things that are yet to be discovered.

How many of us have seen the nucleus of an atom? But, we know about the fundamental particles of an atom (neutron, proton, meson, etc.). 

We have not traveled to the moon but know almost everything about the moon. We believe what our scientists say. 

But there are so many ideas coming out regularly from human minds that we don’t believe because science does not admit them. 

Scientist too believes in a hypothesis. They start from a hypothetical idea. We call it scientific once it is proved.

Let it be a hypothetical idea, but I believe that our unconscious mind knows everything that is happening around us.


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